The new colour activation range by PRO:VOKE

ILLUMINEX is our most advanced haircare range designed to enhance the colour and condition of your coloured hair. The range contains our unique Plex technologies and use sulphate-free formulas that are vegan and contain UV filters, to make your Blonde, Grey, Brunette or Balayage hair look and feel amazing.


With revolutionary Plex technologies

AquaPlex™ is our advanced hydrating complex of active ingredients including Castor Oil to lock in moisture and seal the hair strand, providing the ultimate nourishing formula for coloured hair.

IoPlex™ is our advanced dye complex, that uses cutting edge ionic technology, to allow colour pigments to attach to the hair for richer, more vibrant hair colour and to even blend away greys.

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Strengthening purple shampoo & conditioner

For blonde, platinum, grey or white hair

Brighten your colour by removing unwanted yellow and orange brassy tones whilst strengthening damaged hair bonds.

New sulphate-free purple shampoo with a unique mix of purple and blue pigments.

Enriched with AquaPlex specifically designed for coloured hair, the nourishing formula repairs damaged hair bonds leaving your hair healthy, soft and shiny.

Results in just one wash – use the shampoo and conditioner together for best results.

Top tip: Apply purple shampoo to dry hair for 5 minutes, then wash out and apply the conditioner for a more dramatic brightening effect.

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Lightening Blonde Shampoo, conditioner & Spray

For all shades of blonde hair

Lighten your colour with this simple 3-step regime for every shade of blonde.

The shampoo and conditioner work together to lighten and brighten your natural or coloured blonde hair. Using an expertly created sulphate-free system with AquaPlex, this pair work best together to leave hair radiant, soft and healthy.

The lightening blonde spray has been developed with a bespoke fine mist, for an even colour effect. This spray gently and gradually permanently lightens hair after each use.

It’s easy to use and versatile, just spray it wherever you want to lift your colour – on the roots to blend any regrowth, at the ends for a natural sun-kissed effect or all over to lighten it all.

See results after one wash and use until you get the beautiful blonde you want.

Hair hack: Apply the spray on hair ends or specific sections for a natural balayage effect.

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Brunette enhancing shampoo & conditioner

For all shades of brown hair

Enhance your brunette hair colour and add vibrancy with this nourishing sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Enriched with Inca Inchi Oil to leave hair smooth, soft and naturally glossy.

Our unique IoPlex technology enables colour pigments to attach to the hair for richer brown hair colour.

Suitable for everyday use, you’ll see the colour effect naturally build wash after wash, even blending away first greys.

Try this: For a deeper colour effect in just one wash, use the conditioner as a hair mask and leave on for 10 minutes.

Toning Blue Shampoo & Conditioner

For all shades of Brown, Balayage and Ombre Hair

Enhance your brunette or balayage colour with this new blue toning Shampoo and Conditioner regime.

The blue pigments make hair colour look richer & deeper in brunette hair, as well being able to brighten blonde hair, making them the perfect products if you have dyed brunette, balayage or ombre hair colours.

Enriched with Inca Inchi Oil the shampoo and conditioner work best together to leave hair smooth, soft and naturally glossy.

Usage depends on your hair colour. Suitable for everyday use for Brunettes. Suitable for use every day or in every other wash for those with Balayage & ombre hair colours.

Balayage tip: Try putting some extra conditioner on your ends to give even more nourishment to coloured hair.

Find ILLUMINEX at these top retailers online or on the high street*. And remember our ILLUMINEX Brunette Enhancing Toning Blue Shampoo & Conditioner is exclusive to Superdrug.

*Subject to availability


Whatever your hair colour story, here’s the place to shine!

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